March 14, 2014

by Richard Maurer
revised 03/14/2014

Linear drains have become increasingly popular.  A primary reason is that they allow for the use of large profile tile (which is great for crisp, contemporary styles).   Virtually all linear drains offer that feature.  So why purchase a FreeStyle Linear Drain?  Consider the following points:

  • FreeStyle is the only linear drain with a clamping collar designed for a bonded waterproofing membrane.  The collar is located on top of the drain and clamps the membrane (NobleSeal TS) into the drain to ensure a watertight connection. 
  • Freestyle linear drains are made from a single piece of plastic (PVC or ABS).  The waste pipe is solvent welded into the drain providing a positive connection to the drain.  Competitive models are made from stainless and require a coupler to connect to the waste pipe.    
  • FreeStyle drains have a flat bottom which greatly simplifies installation.   There’s no need to level a v shaped stainless drain in mortar. 
  • FreeStyle will drain 36 gallons of water per minute.  That is far more than most drains and more than any shower head system requires. 
  • FreeStyle is also low profile drain which is ideal for barrier free, contemporary  applications. 

Summary:  FreeStyle Linear Drains provide design flexibility, protect against leaks and simplify the installation.  High capacity drainage and a low profile make FreeStyle ideal for barrier free installations and contemporary style.  

Videos in our Resources & Videos section on our website provide an overview of product features and the installation procedure. Click here to watch the video labeled “FreeStyle Linear Drains - thin-bed installation overview” on YouTube.