May 8, 2014

The TCNA Installation Stage at the Coverings 2014 trade show in Las Vegas is an elevated stage in the middle of the exhibition hall where manufacturers demonstrate how their products are installed. This year, Noble broke with tradition and presented a refreshing and creative stage demonstration with no physical installation. Noble Company's, National Sales Manager, Dean Moilanen presented his creation named “The 7 Deadly Sins of Waterproofing."

Dean walked the audience through a Letterman-Top Ten-style listing of common mistakes contractors make. People love train-wreck stories, and Dean had the crowd’s attention as he told stories of what not to do based on what he has seen on projects in Las Vegas, around the USA, and overseas. With each sin Dean announced, stage assistant (and company co-owner), Lynnette Bloomberg, provided a dramatic release of a drape revealing a large, stand-up poster board with the sin called-out. Noble’s new Digital Media Production Specialist, Sherry Bone, created these attractive, bold, and impactful boards which stood proud and impressive. The audience appreciated and understood these “what not to do” sins of waterproofing.

Please enjoy this presentation. Here is the YouTube link to the video (16 mins):