Noble Curbs save time by replacing lath and mortar to create a tileable surface.  They are made from high density expanded polystyrene and coated with an acrylic polymer. Curb overlays are installed over a waterproofing membrane and stacked 2 x 4's and provide a watertight, tileable surface on shower thresholds.   Solid curbs are thin-set and replace 2 x 4's.  

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof and ready for tile
  • Saves time! Easy to install
  • Easily cut to size with utility knife
  • Standard lengths are 3’, 4’, and 5’
  • Custom sizes are available in quantity (minumum 50 units)


Product information also available on CADdetails.com

Available Products

  • Solid Curb Diagram

  • Curb Overlay Diagram