A top-mounted, stainless steel clamping collar secures NobleSeal® waterproofing membrane to the drain. Water flows into the top of the drain eliminating the need for weep holes. Designed for bonded waterproofing applications. Ideal for barrier free and other applications where a low profile is desired.

Features & Benefits

  • Clamping collar is flush with strainer so water flows directly into the drain (no weep holes)
  • Designed for use with NobleSeal in bonded waterproofing applications in wet areas
  • Low-profile - ideal for barrier-free showers
  • Strainer adjusts (from flush to 3/4") to accomodate tile thickness
  • Square or round strainers in various finishes

Product Data

Available Products

  • Thin-Bed Drain Stainless Round

  • Thin-Bed Drain Stainless Square

  • Thin-Bed Drain Chrome Square

  • Thin-Bed Drain Chrome Round

  • Thin-Bed Drain Brushed Golden Nickel Square

  • Thin-Bed Drain Brushed Golden Nickel Round