• Working with Self-Leveling Underlayments: JLC - April 2011

    Installation article by Rob Zschoche, a tile setter and licensed remodeling contractor in Chantilly, Virginia.

  • Barrier Free Showers Requirements and Applications in “Accessible Showers”

    By Richard Maurer Noble Company 14 January 2011

    Barrier free showers are growing increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. Growth in demand can be related to the appearance created with barrier free construction as well as benefits in functionality. Barrier free implies that there is no curb or obstruction to entering a shower. A shower without a curb can provide a European style, contemporary look and improve accessibility. In addition, people with physical impairments may require a barrier free entrance. As baby boomers age, that need is likely to increase.

    This article…

  • FreeStyle Linear Drain™ wins 2010 Top Product Award

    Noble Company's FreeStyle Linear Drain is featured as one of PM Engineer's 2010 Products of the Year.

  • FreeStyle Linear Drains™ featured in Floor Trends

    Floor Trends magazine features Noble Company's FreeStyle Linear Drains in the June 2010 New Products Guide.

  • FreeStyle Linear Drain™ wins “Hottest New Product” award

    Noble Company’s FreeStyle Linear Drain™ was named Coverings Select’s “Hottest New Product” at Coverings 2010. Coverings Select honors new products in the tile and stone industry.  Teams of industry leaders selected winners after evaluating all candidates. The FreeStyle Linear Drain was selected for the Installation Material Systems category.    

    The linear drain adds substantially to creativity in shower design. A single slope allows for the use of large profile tile making the drains ideal for contemporary, barrier free designs and wheelchair accessible showers.  

    FreeStyle Linear…

  • NobleSeal® SIS Awarded Preferred Sound Reduction Product

    Noble Company was announced as the most preferred brand of Sound Reduction Products among tile and stone installation contractors in the second annual Tile & Stone Installation Contractor CLEAReport Awards. The award was presented at the 2010 Surfaces tradeshow in Las Vegas on Wednesday, February 3, 2010.

  • U.S. Patent Awarded to Noble Company for NobleFlex® Drain Flashing

    Noble Company has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7.632.401 for NobleFlex® Drain Flashing. Patents provide recognition, from a very discerning source, that a product is unique. NobleFlex Drain Flashing had the requisite innovative features. It facilitates the use of a standard clamping ring drain with NobleSeal sheet membranes (and other ANSI A118.10 waterproofing membranes) and is an alternative to integrated bonding flange drains.

    The Flashing provides a smooth transition between the NobleSeal® and the weep holes in a clamping ring drain. The design allows tile to meet the top of the…

  • ProBase® Announcement

    Noble Company has introduced ProBase, a waterproof, sloped shower base that is ready to be tiled. There is no need for a mortar bed over the base. ProBase is a composite made from high strength polypropylene honeycomb with a Noble Sheet Membrane laminated to the top. ProBase is packaged with everything ne eded to ensure a watertight installation. It can be used with standard clamping ring drains, and it allows for up to 2” of adjustment in drain position. ProBase is easy to install: just thin-set to the floor. Use ProBase and start saving today.

  • Crack Isolation Systems

    By Richard Maurer Noble Company 800-878-5788

    June 1, 2009

    Tile is one of the most durable types of floor covering available. It easily outlasts carpet, vinyl and most hardwood floors. Some installations have lasted for centuries. A thousand years ago, tile was installed over a bed of sand. In the mid 1900’s, a reinforced mortar bed (which is a mixture of portland cement and sand about 1.25” thick and reinforced with 2” x 2” wire) was used. The bed was installed over concrete with a cleavage membrane separating the mortar bed from the concrete. Mortar beds or sand layers separated…

  • Waterproofing wet areas in healthcare and educational facilities

    Prepared by: Richard Maurer Noble Company 9 April 2009

    Although construction in most market segments is down, growth is forecast for health care and educational facilities. Given that trend it is important to offer products and services that suit applications in those markets. NobleSeal TS is ideal for waterproofing and crack isolation in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc.

    TS is a bondable, load bearing, waterproofing membrane so it can be installed over a vertical or horizontal substrate and tile can be bonded to the TS. It does not require a mortar bed which minimizes the height of…