At Noble Company, we understand that not every shower is the same, so let us help you with our custom shower base selection program. You provide the details, and we will produce the base and ship - in 72 hours! You get what you want when you need it. Custom bases can be ordered with Noble Company's Honeycomb Composite, or as Foam-Only. It can also be ordered Pre-Waterproofed with Noble Company's NobleSeal TS. You can select from Single-Slope (for Noble Company's FreeStyle Linear Drains) or Multi-Slope (for Noble Company's FreeStyle Thin-Bed Drains) to fit your needs. Reference the square inch price from the Noble Price Sheet Addendum, send your form to Noble Company, and let the clock start ticking! The custom bases are made from Noble Company's ProBase II Multi-Slope bases.

DOWNLOAD Custom Shower Base Form


72-Hour Lead Time Parameters and Eligibility - (Upon verification of approval, your order will ship within 72 hours)
In order to be eligible for Noble Company’s 72-Hour Custom Base Lead Time, the following parameters must be met:
• Base must be NON-waterproofed Multi-Slope™ (Single-Slope bases and Pre-Waterproofed bases are not currently eligible for 72-Hour lead time).
• Unique Configurations must have 5 sides or less
• Base side dimensions cannot exceed 100 inches
• On Multi-Slope bases, drain hole placement can not be less than 10 inches from the edge of the base to the center of the drain hole.
• Order quantity can not exceed 3 bases (Orders of 4 or more are not eligible for 72 hour lead time).

If your base does not meet the above parameters, refer to “Other Lead Time Parameters” section below.

Other Lead Time Parameters
Bases that do NOT fit into the 72-Hour Parameters will typically have a lead time between 5 days and 2 weeks. This includes:
• Pre-Waterproofed Bases
• Single-Slope Bases
• Unique configurations with more than 5 sides
• Base side dimensions that exceed 100 inches,
• On Multi-Slope bases, drain hole placement less than 10 inches from the edge
• Bases not designed for use with a Noble Company drain
• Bases with a non-standard thickness
• Quantity of 4 or more bases