A non-toxic* pre-mixed antifreeze and heat transfer fluid. The product is to be used in place of water and other water-like fluids in systems where freezing may either cause damage or interfere with the functioning of systems or equipment and/or toxicity to humans or animals is a concern. NOBURST –100 is safe for use where contact with potable water is a possibility. Not for use in automotive systems or in systems containing galvanized pipe.

  • Active Ingredient: Propylene Glycol
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • De-foaming agent
  • Essentially non-toxic
  • Generally Regarded As Safe


  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Ground water and earth coupled heat pumps
  • “Air hydronic” heat pumps and furnaces
  • Water-based heat extraction systems
  • Cooling systems and chillers
  • Refrigerating systems
  • Pipe tracing
  • Cooling towers
  • Industrial heat transfer
  • Plumbing winterization
  • Ice making machines
  • Snow melt systems
  • Fire hydrant winterization
  • Cooling coil defrosting
  • Immersion freezing
  • In-floor heating

NOBURST -100 is available in:

  • 1-gallon plastic bottles (6/case)
  • 5-gallon plastic pails
  • 30-gallon plastic drums
  • 55-gallon plastic drums
  • 275-gallon plastic totes
  • 5000-gallon tank trucks

* FDA Reference: "Generally Recognized as Safe for use as Direct Food Additives" see Product Description 


Product information also available on ARCAT.com