Noble products aid in creating sustainable buildings and lessen the environmental impact from new construction


Noble sheet membranes contain an average of 11% of post-industrial scrap. During the manufacturing process, reclaimable sheet material is reintroduced into the production system and is made into new product. Other scrap membrane is utilized by our marketing department for use as promotional product samples.

Noble Company also manufactures ready-to-tile shower accessories, such as Niches, Benches and Curbs, that are made from polystyrene. 100% of the scrap material from the manufacturing process of these products is repurposed or recycled and returned to our local supplier. 

Other recycling practices in our manufacturing processes include: water used in the manufacturing process of Noble sheet membranes, oil from production equipment, and materials from dust collectors.

In-bound packaging and materials used in the transport of raw materials and supplies are repurposed or baled for recycling. Noble Company is committed to utilizing the minimal amount of material necessary to pack and ship our products. Additionally, Noble Company purchases out bound packaging containers with up to 30% recycled content. Pallets are rebuilt on-site saving green house emissions. All office paper is recycled.

Product Performance

Noble sheet membranes are made from a core layer of Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), an inherently flexible elastomeric sheet that will not rot, crack or deteriorate due to microorganisms.

Noble Waterproofing Membranes protect against moisture and vapor transmission.  Noble Sheet Membranes also provide protection against failures from cracking. NobleSeal SIS is a thin sheet membrane that reduces floor-to-floor impact sound transmission from hard surface flooring.

Noble Sheet Membranes are guaranteed to last the life of the original tile installation. Noble Niches provide stable, long-term insulation value and block thermal shorts that may occur in wall assemblies. They are waterproof and help moderate the temperature of wall cavities, reducing the potential for condensation.

Indoor Air Quality

Noble Sheet Membranes and NobleBond adhesives pose minimal impact on indoor air quality. They do not use urea-formaldehyde binders or contain other VOC off-gassing materials which can be an indoor air quality concern.

Energy Conservation & Reducing Impact on Resources

Noble Company has implemented energy efficient equipment and supplies for our manufacturing and office facilities. High efficiency motors are used in the equipment for sheet membrane production. Computer monitors are upgraded to LCD displays wherever possible, which use considerably less power than CRT monitors. Noble Company partners with computer suppliers who offer programs for trade-in, recycling, or donations to charity of old and unwanted PCs. Facilities within Noble Company have replaced halogen style lighting with new energy efficient fluorescent lighting that use a fraction of energy to produce light. Raw materials for sheet membranes and polystyrene shower accessories are purchased from local suppliers – reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions necessary during transport. Biodegradable inks are used in the stamping process for sheet membranes whenever possible.

LEED Points

The use of Noble Company products can contribute to LEED System Points for commercial and residential projects. 

LEED Letter from Noble Company (PDF)
Noble Niche LEED information (PDF)

U.S. Green Building Council

Noble Company has been a member of the USGBC since 2008.