ProBase EX Exterior Deck Sloped Panels provide a complete solution for an exterior deck installation. It installs quickly and easily with modified thin-set to provide the code-required slope to drain or ledge. Comes in 4’×4’ pre-sloped sections.

ProBase EX reduces dead-load by over 90% COMPARED TO traditional mud bed installation.

ProBase EX Features:

  • Single-slope to drain or ledge
  • Superior impact resistance with Patent Pending composite base
  • Sloped honeycomb and foam composite base
  • Allows for ADA configurations
  • Base is easy to cut to accommodate various installations
  • Install with NobleBond EXT or modified thin-set
  • No substrate modification required
  • Customizable for large projects

NobleDeck Features:

  • Provides waterproofing and protects tile from cracking
  • Sheet membrane minimizes variables in workmanship
  • Guaranteed not to rot, crack or deteriorate
  • No curing - install tile immediately
  • Use over concrete and some wood joist decks

Available Products

  • A Piece (single slope)

  • B Piece (single slope)

  • Flat Piece (shim)

  • A Piece (inside valley corner)

  • A Piece (outside ridge corner)

  • B Piece (inside valley corner)

  • B Piece (outside ridge corner)

  • 4-inch Cap Strip

  • 8-inch Flashing