December 20, 2023

Noble Company is excited to announce a significant update to the XPS foam used in our Noble Niches.

The noticeable change is the color of the material from blue to grey. The changes, which are tied to our continuing commitment to the environment while maintaining the high quality and performance standards our customers expect from us, are listed below.

Key Benefits of the Foam Color Change:
1. Environmental Impact: The shift from blue to grey XPS foam signifies our commitment to environmental sustainability. This change significantly reduces the embodied carbon profile of our Niches, aligning with our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.
2. Regulatory Compliance: The grey XPS foam meets rigorous U.S. state HFC blowing agent regulations, ensuring that our products adhere to the latest industry standards and guidelines.
3. Reduced Global Warming Potential: Our updated formulations for Styrofoam contribute to a reduction in global warming potential (GWP), highlighting our commitment to mitigating environmental concerns.

This change represents a significant step forward for Noble Company. We are proud to recognize and act upon our responsibility to positively impact the environment even as the fit, form, and function of our products remain unaffected.
For more information, refer to the Environmental Protection Agency’s document EPA-430-F-11-005 at