Articles & White Papers

  • Preformed Corners

    by Rchard Maurer

    Shower waterproofing must be "zero defect" in order to be effective, and that requires meticulous attention to installation methods and materials. The use of accessories like Noble Preformed Corners can help ensure a watertight installation. Dam corners protect the area where the membrane which is turned up the walls is cut and extended over the threshold. The shape required for the corner is difficult to fabricate, and preformed corners provide a reliable solution. Watch our video showing the installation. 

    Noble also makes Preformed Inside Corners to ensure that…

  • Are Moisture Vapor Emissions Harmful to Ceramic & Stone Tile Installations?

    By Richard P. Goldberg AIA, CSI; Professional Consultants International, LLC and Robert Scavone Jr., Total Flooring Contractors, Inc.

    Contrary to what you may have heard, tile and stone floors are not immune to problems associated with moisture vapor emission (MVE) through concrete slabs. In response to the increasing number of moisture vapor-related problems that have occurred in the tile industry, the National Tile Contractors Association’s Technical Committee recently approved a new technical document (G-13; General Statement on Moisture Emissions) for the NTCA Reference…

  • NobleSeal® SIS: The Formula for Sound Comfort

    The Willits is the most luxurious condominium development in Southeastern Michigan. Located in Birmingham, an upscale suburb northwest of Detroit, the Willits offers a wide range of amenities including "round the clock" concierge service, a spa and work out facility with a swim/exercise pool and heated parking garage. The "in-town" location provides close proximity to fine dining, shopping, and entertainment.

    Robertson Brothers Company of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, developed the 58-unit project, in partnership with the Palladium Group of New York. Robertson Brothers in a major…

  • Turnberry Place & NobleSeal® SIS

    The Noble Company products were featured in the January-February 2003 issue of Design Cost Data's Building Products Revue article. NobleSeal® SIS was used exclusively for sound isolution at Turnberry Place, a luxury condominium high-rise in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Moisture and Mold Issues in Ceramic & Stone Tile Installations

    Waterproofing wet areas under ceramic and stone tile has become increasingly important with the growth of mold related litigation. This article should provide readers with information about mold and the prevention of conditions necessary for mold to grow.

    Mold is a microscopic fungus that generally appears on the surface of organic materials in warm, damp conditions. Mold needs moisture, a food source and a place in order to grow. Most buildings provide ample food sources and space. Moisture must be controlled in order to prevent mold from thriving.

    There are over 1,000 types of…

  • Waterproofing custom tiled showers

    "The Mystery of the Shower Stall" by David Gobis – as seen in the April 2003 issue of Floor Covering Installer.

  • Use of proper slope helps reduce risks of litigation

    As featured in TileLetter, January 2001, The Noble Company's PRO-SLOPE™ can help avoid legal claims by insuring that the proper slope is built into the base of a shower before installation of tile.

  • Thin-Bed vs. Mortar Bed

    Mortar bed method – Thin-bed method What, where, and why?

    Literature from Noble Company and others in the tile industry contains references to mortar bed and thin-bed methods. Following are descriptions of those methods with a focus on shower waterproofing applications.

    Mortar bed methods have been used for centuries and have proven to be dependable. They are also referred to as thick bed, full mortar bed or mud bed methods. Method involves the following:

    Loose lay a waterproofing membrane like Chloraloy over a substrate that is sloped 1⁄4” per foot from perimeters to a clamping…
  • Linear Drains for Custom Showers

    Linear Drains for Custom Showers

    by Justin Fink

    Fine Homebuilding, Fall/Winter 2012


    There are no two ways about it: A site-built shower is one of the best parts of a custom bathroom. By shedding the constraints of a factory-made tub or shower unit, you expand design options. You can get creative with the shower’s size, layout, and door location, and you can include features such as niches and benches. Custom showers have always been held back, though, by the four-way fall required with a traditional, centrally located drain. Linear drains offer several design options that were…

  • Working with Self-Leveling Underlayments: JLC - April 2011

    Installation article by Rob Zschoche, a tile setter and licensed remodeling contractor in Chantilly, Virginia.