September 5, 2013

Grand Haven, MI – Pro-SlopeTM makes converting a tub to a custom tile shower easier. Pro-Slope is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and sloped in all directions to a drain. The slope is required by plumbing codes. Pro-Slope can replace traditional pre slopes made from mortar. It is light, easy to install, saves installation time and ensures a proper slope. Pro-Slope eliminates mixing and screeding mortar,

Noble Company has added a tub replacement sized Pro-Slope. It is 40” wide and 80” long and be trimmed to fit most tubs with drains at either end. The Tub Replacement Kit includes the pre sloped EPS and a Positive Weep Protector, a patented device that keeps weep holes clear.

Noble Company has produced Pro-Slope for about 15 years and thousands have been installed. Save time and ensure quality with proven products from Noble Company.