September 2, 2021



Beginning September 1st, 2021 Pre-Waterproofed ProBase II shower bases will be manufactured using the industry pioneer NobleSeal TS/CIS sheet membrane.

NobleSeal TS/CIS:
The membrane that set the industry standard for bonded thin-bed waterproofing and crack isolation. Use in wet areas including showers and continuous use steam showers and other interior applications.
NobleSeal TS/CIS has superior permeation characteristics. With more than 35 years of proven industry performance, NobleSeal TS/CIS is installed in some of the world’s most prestigious projects.
• Unsurpassed quality and performance
• Suitable for steam showers – impervious to water and vapor (less than 0.15 perms)
• Highest rated crack isolation membrane available: Bridges more than ⅛” movement
• Sheet membrane: Ensures uniform quality, thickness, and minimizes variables in workmanship
• Durable and resistant to chemical compounds
• Made from Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

The installation process of Pre-Waterproofed ProBase II is the same regardless of the primary waterproofing used on the base.

With added performance comes a better value. The current purchase price of the Pre-Waterproofed ProBase II will not be increased.

Contact Noble Company at (800) 578-5788 for additional information.