April 9, 2009

Prepared by: Richard Maurer Noble Company 9 April 2009

Although construction in most market segments is down, growth is forecast for health care and educational facilities. Given that trend it is important to offer products and services that suit applications in those markets. NobleSeal TS is ideal for waterproofing and crack isolation in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc.

TS is a bondable, load bearing, waterproofing membrane so it can be installed over a vertical or horizontal substrate and tile can be bonded to the TS. It does not require a mortar bed which minimizes the height of the installation. These characteristics make it suitable for renovations, wheelchair accessible showers and other applications where a thin profile is desirable. Waterproofing failures can be catastrophic so product selection is critical.

Since NobleSeal TS is a sheet membrane, there are some inherent benefits. No curing is necessary so the installation can be flood tested as soon as it’s installed. And, quality and thickness are controlled, so variables from workmanship and/or construction (e.g. imperfect substrates) are minimized. We know of no system that can be installed and tested as rapidly as TS, and that is important in projects with fast paced construction schedules.

TS is made from chlorinated polyethylene, which gives TS the lowest moisture/vapor transmission rate of commonly used tile waterproofing products. It also provides crack isolation. In fact, TS is unsurpassed in crack isolation performance. It is rated “Extra Heavy” in ASTM C627. TS has also been tested to ANSI A118.10, the Crack Isolation Standard. It is rated “High Performance” in the System Crack Resistance portion of the Standard.

Noble sheet membranes have been used in some important projects: Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco, CA; University of California at Irvine Medical Center, USC/LA County Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, University of Arizona Dorms and UC Berkley Dorms are a few. Other NobleSeal sheet membranes can also be appropriate for applications in health care and educational facilities. NobleSeal SIS is an example. In addition to reducing floor to floor impact noise, it can also provide waterproofing and crack isolation. For information about all Noble products, visit www.noblecompany.com or call 800-878-5788.

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