• Congratulations to Jean Snell, our 2023 Rep of the Year for Division 9!

    Congratulations to Jean Snell, our 2023 Rep of the Year for Division 9!

  • Foam Color Change in Noble Niches

    Noble Company is excited to announce a significant update to the XPS foam used in our Noble Niches.

    The noticeable change is the color of the material from blue to grey. The changes, which are tied to our continuing commitment to the environment while maintaining the high quality and performance standards our customers expect from us, are listed below.

    Key Benefits of the Foam Color Change: 1. Environmental Impact: The shift from blue to grey XPS foam signifies our commitment to environmental sustainability. This change significantly reduces the embodied carbon profile of our…

  • Congratulation to Eric Edelmayer for being inducted into the NTCA’s Ring of Honor!

    Noble Company’s own Eric Edelmayer was recognized by the NTCA for his more than 40 years of contributions to the Tile Industry at the recent Total Solutions Conference in New Orleans.

    Noble Company would like to congratulate Eric for being part of our team for so many years and for all of his influence, mentoring, and insight (as well as practical jokes!) throughout his time at Noble.

  • Win a FREE “RTIC” 20-quart hard-side cooler!

    Want to win a FREE "RTIC" 20-quart hard-side cooler?

    Complete ALL THREE of the following steps:1. Like this post! 2. Like and follow Noble Company on our social medias! 3. Now through the end of October, post pictures of your completed shower installation (using your PBII shower base) on your social media accounts and tag us! ("Noble Company" on Facebook, "@noblecompany1946" on Instagram, and "Noble Company" on LinkedIn). Noble Company MUST be tagged, and if selected your invoice showing that you used a ProBase II MUST be verified in order to…

  • Noble Company’s “Rep of the Year” for 2022

    Congratulations to Steve Young of "Steve Young & Associates" for receiving Noble Company's 2022 "Rep of the Year" award!

  • PRODUCT BULLETIN: NobleSealant 250 5-oz Tube Discontinued

    Effective mid-October 2022, or when supplies run out, Noble Company will no longer sell or provide the 5-oz tubes of NobleSealant 250. Moving forward, NobleSealant 250 will only be available in the 10.3-oz tubes. In addition, the 10.3-oz tubes will now be part of the FreeStyle Linear Drain™ assembly.

  • NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: UL-Listed High-Performance Antifreeze


    Noble Company’s NEW “FireFighter® ELIMINATOR 1330™” is a high-performance antifreeze for fire sprinkler systems that provides a corrosion inhibitor and microbiological protection. FireFighter Eliminator 1330 is UL listed and is compatible with all kinds of sprinkler pipe.


  • Product Bulletin: Noble Solid Curbs Edge Radius Change

    Noble Company will implement a running change to the edges of our Solid Curbs. Effective immediately, Noble Solid Curbs will now be manufactured without the corner radius. Refer to the illustrations below. This does not affect the performance of the curb or the installation.

  • Noble Company Technical Bulletin



    Beginning September 1st, 2021 Pre-Waterproofed ProBase II shower bases will be manufactured using the industry pioneer NobleSeal TS/CIS sheet membrane.

    NobleSeal TS/CIS: The membrane that set the industry standard for bonded thin-bed waterproofing and crack isolation. Use in wet areas including showers and continuous use steam showers and other interior applications. NobleSeal TS/CIS has superior permeation characteristics. With more than 35 years of proven industry performance, NobleSeal TS/CIS is installed in some of the world’s most prestigious projects. •…

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