• Permeability versus Permeance: Know the difference

    by Richard Maurer Revised 9/11/2014

    Much has been written recently about moisture and vapor transmission of waterproofing membranes.  Some of the interest stems from changes in requirements for steam showers after the TCNA adopted a moisture vapor transmission of 0.50 perms for vapor barriers. 

    We believe there is confusion regarding testing and reporting.  The following may help clarify some of the issues.  Two terms are used to describe the effectiveness of moisture and vapor barriers:

    Permeance is the moisture transmission rate of the membrane.  It is a performance test and is…
  • FreeStyle Linear Drains: What Makes Them Your Best Choice

    by Richard Maurer revised 03/14/2014

    Linear drains have become increasingly popular.  A primary reason is that they allow for the use of large profile tile (which is great for crisp, contemporary styles).   Virtually all linear drains offer that feature.  So why purchase a FreeStyle Linear Drain?  Consider the following points:

    FreeStyle is the only linear drain with a clamping collar designed for a bonded waterproofing membrane.  The collar is located on top of the drain and clamps the membrane (NobleSeal TS) into the drain to ensure a watertight connection.  Freestyle linear…
  • Plumbing Codes – Finding And Interpreting The Rules For Your Project

    by Richard Maurer revised 3/13/2014

    If your shower project will require a building permit, the shower receptor waterproofing will be inspected and approved by a plumbing inspector. Most building departments use one of the two national plumbing codes. The most prevalent is the International Plumbing Code (IPC), which is the plumbing portion of the International Code Council (IIC).

    The other national plumbing code is the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) which is administered and written by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). States and municipalities…

  • Ensure Your Tiled Shower is Watertight

    It is amazing that some people avoid flood testing their waterproofing installations prior to tiling.  It is inexpensive insurance and can save you a great deal of expense and time.  And, if you install NobleSeal or Chloraloy, you should have a watertight installation for the life of the tile.  Major plumbing codes require tiled showers to be flood tested.    The procedure requires filling the pan with water to the top of the rough threshold and checking for leaks.  Since most leaks occur at the drain, it is prudent to test the area around the drain prior to filling the rest of the…

  • Tiled Showers

    by Richard Maurer

    Published in PHC News, November 2013

    Custom tiled showers are very popular, especially with up-scale baby boomers who want their homes to reflect the quality, function, and style they desire.  A beautiful, custom shower can be a handsome addition to any home and may add substantial value to the property.  In this article we will explore some of the issues to consider when planning, designing, and building tiled showers. 

      Waterproofing is especially important since leaks can result in catastrophic damage and financial loss.  Additionally, there is generally a…

  • Converting Tubs to Custom Tiled Showers

    Grand Haven, MI – Pro-SlopeTM makes converting a tub to a custom tile shower easier. Pro-Slope is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and sloped in all directions to a drain. The slope is required by plumbing codes. Pro-Slope can replace traditional pre slopes made from mortar. It is light, easy to install, saves installation time and ensures a proper slope. Pro-Slope eliminates mixing and screeding mortar,

    Noble Company has added a tub replacement sized Pro-Slope. It is 40” wide and 80” long and be trimmed to fit most tubs with drains at either end. The Tub Replacement Kit includes…

  • Are Moisture Vapor Emissions Harmful to Ceramic & Stone Tile Installations?

    By Richard P. Goldberg AIA, CSI; Professional Consultants International, LLC and Robert Scavone Jr., Total Flooring Contractors, Inc.

    Contrary to what you may have heard, tile and stone floors are not immune to problems associated with moisture vapor emission (MVE) through concrete slabs. In response to the increasing number of moisture vapor-related problems that have occurred in the tile industry, the National Tile Contractors Association’s Technical Committee recently approved a new technical document (G-13; General Statement on Moisture Emissions) for the NTCA Reference…

  • NobleSeal® SIS: The Formula for Sound Comfort

    The Willits is the most luxurious condominium development in Southeastern Michigan. Located in Birmingham, an upscale suburb northwest of Detroit, the Willits offers a wide range of amenities including "round the clock" concierge service, a spa and work out facility with a swim/exercise pool and heated parking garage. The "in-town" location provides close proximity to fine dining, shopping, and entertainment.

    Robertson Brothers Company of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, developed the 58-unit project, in partnership with the Palladium Group of New York. Robertson Brothers in a major…

  • Turnberry Place & NobleSeal® SIS

    The Noble Company products were featured in the January-February 2003 issue of Design Cost Data's Building Products Revue article. NobleSeal® SIS was used exclusively for sound isolution at Turnberry Place, a luxury condominium high-rise in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Moisture and Mold Issues in Ceramic & Stone Tile Installations

    Waterproofing wet areas under ceramic and stone tile has become increasingly important with the growth of mold related litigation. This article should provide readers with information about mold and the prevention of conditions necessary for mold to grow.

    Mold is a microscopic fungus that generally appears on the surface of organic materials in warm, damp conditions. Mold needs moisture, a food source and a place in order to grow. Most buildings provide ample food sources and space. Moisture must be controlled in order to prevent mold from thriving.

    There are over 1,000 types of…